Anti-Social Cube

   In this project, we are asked to design a cube which can have anti-social interaction with people like play a trike. We were asked to design by using sense such as sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of hear, sense of look etc.     My anti-social concept is a moving gift box. When people seeing a gift box, the fist action in their mind is open it. So, I want to play a trick on this impulse. I was installed a special  remote car toy inside, when people are going to touch it, it will spin and leave away from people. This project is aim to teach us how to design a product can interact with people. 

Design- Zihao Liu



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Anti- Social Interaction

Spinning and leaving when people want to touch it.

This part is from a remote car, I have cut half body and a wheel to make sure it can spin and fit into the Gift box shell.