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 Anti-Social Cube

This is the warming up project before we design the final interaction cube. 

From this project, I have learned how to use different sense to create interesting interaction with people. 


 Investigation & Data Collection

We have done some location investigation and data collection from middle school students.

Those help us have a frame of what to do and what to avoid. 


The First Concept

At beginning, our design was based on the sense of looking and hearing. We were tried to simulate the raining and thunder inside the installation.

This concept was failed. This concept didn't has strong connection with community. 

We learned how to connect thesis and simplify the Manifestations.


The Second Concept

We tried to connect emotion with this new concept. 

The concept was failed, because the inside structure is so complicated and we sill need to simplify the Manifestations


Final Concept

At last, we found a good way for children to interact with our installation. 

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